Nigel Cabourn - Warden in The North / by Shaun Darwood


Nigel Cabourn

Warden in The North

Over the weekend I was in town seeing family so I shot Nigel a text about coming in seeing his space and getting some shots. He obliged, but I really wasn’t expecting the tour, the showing of archive pieces, chat or the hospitality he and his team doled out in spades. Top class.

Little bit of preamble here - a little while ago I met Nigel on Tyne Mouth beach. I was on another project with a very dear mate of mine (Mr Bobby Banjo ‘Oyster Prince’ extraordinaire, check him out here!). Nige was knee deep in the North Sea, washing his wears against some rocky outcrop, all to give the garments their distinctive aged and weathered look. The methods this man goes too with his collections are incredible.

I refer to Nigel as ‘The Warden’, something I feel describes the man rather well. He is, after all, the driving force of the self-named, inimitable brand of vintage-inspired getup ‘Nigel Cabourn’. Now if you know something about menswear then you’ll totally understand the point I’m trying to make, and just to clarify, the word ‘Warden’ means “a person responsible for the supervision of a particular place or activity or for enforcing the regulations associated with it.” It’s very clear that Nigel and his team take these duties very seriously. They maintain the aesthetics and manufacturing standards usually eschewed by lesser brands - this stuff is the real deal and you can see that from the moment you see their garments.

Anyway, enough waffling, here it is.

Top-class clobber here


Mr Nigel Cabourn